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Movies by the Squirrels

We have been playing with the teacher's new app call 'Silent Film Director.' The students planned the 'stories', made the props and acted out their parts. They also helped choose the music and title cards.  Enjoy http://vimeo.com/23882476 http://vimeo.com/23882644 http://vimeo.com/23891840 Read full article »


http://www.flickr.com/photos/ismanilaes/sets/72157626488148336/ Today we put on a circus here in room P004. The Squirrels enjoyed entertaining our many visitors from other ECLC classes, Preschool and Coach Pekin. Good times were had. Read full article »

Our Daily Planners

DAILY PLANNERS Last week we started using the daily planning sheet you see here to organize and plan our day. Each child fills out one of these pages daily, putting in information such as 'play with computer' or  'journal''. Some of the activities are free choice and some are teacher-chosen activities. Before filling in our planners each morning the class discusses Read full article »


SUMO WRESTLING One of the Squirrels favorite books the last couple of weeks has been 'Sumo Boy' by Hirotaka Nakagawa. In the story Sumo Boy saves the day by defeating an evil masked wrestler using traditional sumo wrestling techniques. The Squirrels decided they would like to give sumo wrestling a try. First we used tape to make a sumo ring, then Read full article »

Museum Day

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Photos of the Squirrels

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