We have been discussing ways we can make our writing and pictures more interesting. One way to to do this  is to add sound words, onomatopoeia. We all selected one onomatopoeia and made some word art using Comic Life. We put these words into a the Voicethread you see below. Take a few minutes to see and listen to our words. You can leave voice and sound comments too. Let’s hear all of your BAMs, POPs and BOOMs.

Our First Class Chapter Book


We just finished our first class chapter book of the year. The children truly enjoyed this enchanting story. We read one or two chapters a day and the Squirrels are looking forward to reading our next book in the series ‘Elmer and the Dragon’.

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Dragon Race

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Language Arts and Mathematics

This week we read the books ‘The Egg’ and ‘The Great Dragon Rescue’ written and illustrated by M.P. Roberston.  In one of the stories a dragon has a funny race with a witch. The children enjoyed the story so much that we decided to have our own dragon race in class. Today we made paper dragons and medals for all the dragons that will compete. Luckily we are also  learning about ordinal numbers (1st, 2nd, 3rd, etc…) which we made sure to put on all of our medals. We have finished making our dragons and medals and we are ready to have our races on Monday. Stay tuned for more next week.


The Squirrels


Today we celebrated the culture of the Philippines. We had a chance to  see and perform dances, hear music, sing songs, make food, learn some Filipino words and we rode a jeepney! It was a fun and busy day. We’ll see you all again after our holiday break. Goodbye!


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Yesterday we had a chance to talk with The Juniors and Ms. Verona from Melbourne, Australia. The Juniors are investigating toys at the moment and wanted to hear about the kind of toys we play with  in the Philippines. During the conversation they asked us questions such as:

-What is your favorite toy?

-What do toys help us learn?

-How do toys move?

-What kind of action figures to you play with?

The Squirrels are happy to have made some new friends in another country. Look on our sidebar (>>>>>) to see the new link that was added.

We also took a few minutes to draw and record our favorite toys, see the above video. Enjoy

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