Pet Show!

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The children created their own pet show inspired by ‘Pet Show!’ by Ezra Jack Keats. As you can see the Squirrels made sure to add all the appropriate details. There were judges, prizes, signs, name tags and much more. All the pets had won awards such as ‘Stinkiest Skunk’ and ‘Fastest Dog’.

Our Daily Planners


Last week we started using the daily planning sheet you see here to organize and plan our day. Each child fills out one of these pages daily, putting in information such as ‘play with computer’ orĀ  ‘journal”. Some of the activities are free choice and some are teacher-chosen activities. Before filling in our planners each morning the class discusses how to complete each ‘must do’ activity. Throughout the day the children are encouraged to refer back to their planner when making decisions on where to work in the classroom. Below is a list of some of the learning we hope to foster using these planners.


-writing for a purpose

-self regulation

-empowerment/self control/independence

-organizing thoughts

-planning ahead

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Student Created & Led Centers

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Student-Led Learning

This week the students had an opportunity to create and run their own learning centers and activities. We had a wide variety of activities that included soccer, making houses out of boxes, making robots, taking care of cats, and more. Both the children running the centers and the children visiting the centers enjoyed this process. These centers were popular all week and we hope to extend this activity next week by having the children put their ideas, planning and reflections down on paper.


We have decided to put on a small show at our next ECLC assembly where we will perform a ‘Stomp’ type piece. This week the children have been identifying items in class that make interesting noises. Next week we will sort these objects and begin practicing our musical number. While preparing our version of ‘Stomp’ we will also be learning about different materials and their properties.


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First Week Back

The Squirrels have had a busy first week back after our long vacation. This week we painted new self-portraits, wrote about our vacation and explored using scales for weighing. When using scales we practiced using language such as heavier, lighter and the same. We also spent some time reviewing our letters and sounds and we introduced ‘th’, ‘ch’, ‘sh’ and ‘ng’.

Bounce or Break?

Today we started our new science investigation into materials and their properties. We will be spending the next few weeks exploring materials, their properties and how we use them in our lives. To get the children interested in this unit we put on a little prediction experiment that was sure to get their attention. We dropped six objects from the second floor onto the road. Next week we will begin going more in depth with each material.

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