Student-led Conferences

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The Squirrels enjoyed showing their parents some of the things they have learned so far this year in ECLC. The children started preparing for their conferences one week before the event. After days of evaluating their growth in writing, mathematics and play they were ready for the day.

How Do We Catch a Shadow?

Yesterday Mr. Rourke, a.k.a. The Shadow Collector, came into class looking for one of his lost shadows that escaped from his collection. It was the shadow of a star. The Squirrels and Foxes had seen the shadow in our class minutes before and told him that the shadow looked like it was going outside. Mr. Rourke asked us to  bring any shadows we find to his office so he can add them to his collection. Then he ran out the door in search for his lost star shadow. Now we have a couple of problems:

-Where did Mr. Rourke’s star shadow go?

-How do we catch a shadow so we can add it to the  collection?

If you have any suggestions please comment to this post.

Anino Shadowplay Collective

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To kick-off our new science unit on ‘investigation’ and ‘light’ we had the pleasure of having the Anino Shadowplay Collective come to school today. We had a chance to watch three stories and we also had a chance to try making shadows using puppets brought by the performers. Now we’ll try to make our own stories in class, but first we’ll need to find a light and make our own puppets.

Click here for Anino Shadowplay Collective’s Youtube page where you can watch some of their pieces.

Sports Day!


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A little while back we read the book ‘My Daddy is a Pretzel’ by Baron Baptiste. One of the Squirrels told us that his mom is a pretzel. Today we had the pleasure of having her come to school to show us how to be a pretzel too.


This week we began our unit on ‘Time’. We began by focusing on the types of things we do at different times during the day. We concentrated on concepts such as morning, day, afternoon and night. Next week we will begin using clocks to tell time to the nearest hour.


We finally finished the ‘My Father’s Dragon’ chapter book series. The Squirrels have show incredible patience listening to three long chapter books over the last few months. In celebration of completing these books we made dragons  hung them around the classroom.

We also began reading a new chapter book ‘The Magic Finger’ by Roald Dahl. The beginning of the story brought about an interesting discussion that dealt with hunting, killing animals and eating animals. Some classic lines from that talk:

“If you want to eat beef you need to kill a cow.”

“If you kill an animal then it’s dead.”

“We could just eat pasta and stuff that grows from trees.”

I am always impressed when young children show such insight.

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