Hello all,

Our class this year is called the Dragons.

In our first week in the Dragons class we spent a lot of time getting to know our friends. We had plenty of time to speak, listen, work and play with our classmates. We are still learning our class routines, rules and  schedule. It is quite a bit to learn, but we will get there.



We have met our two class take-home animals, Bell and Rat. Bell is a white kitten that only speaks Cat. Rat is a rat that speaks English, loves trash and doesn’t like to be called a mouse. These animals will be making home visits in the near future.

We spent a bit of time discussing things that the children would like to learn in ECLC. Here is a list of the of the Dragons’ interests:

  • learning about sea horses, cats & kittens, dogs & puppies, dolphins, mice, bull sharks, sharks,  great white sharks and rats
  • learning to ride dolphins, fly a ship, playing the violin, singing & dancing
  • learning about fast cars, robots and loving our families.

See you soon for more information about the Dragons.