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We have been playing with the teacher's new app call 'Silent Film Director.' The students planned the 'stories', made the props and acted out their parts. They also helped choose the music and title cards.  Enjoy Read full article »

Circus Today we put on a circus here in room P004. The Squirrels enjoyed entertaining our many visitors from other ECLC classes, Preschool and Coach Pekin. Good times were had. Read full article »

Angry Birds This morning some of the children were having a discussion about the video game 'Angry Birds'. I was pleasantly surprised to find that many of the Squirrels had played the game before. When I asked them if they would like to play the game in class I heard a loud cheer of joy. Then there was a disappointing sigh when Read full article »

Pet Show! Literature The children created their own pet show inspired by 'Pet Show!' by Ezra Jack Keats. As you can see the Squirrels made sure to add all the appropriate details. There were judges, prizes, signs, name tags and much more. All the pets had won awards such as 'Stinkiest Skunk' and 'Fastest Dog'. Read full article »


SUMO WRESTLING One of the Squirrels favorite books the last couple of weeks has been 'Sumo Boy' by Hirotaka Nakagawa. In the story Sumo Boy saves the day by defeating an evil masked wrestler using traditional sumo wrestling techniques. The Squirrels decided they would like to give sumo wrestling a try. First we used tape to make a sumo ring, then Read full article »

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