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International Day

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Circus Today we put on a circus here in room P004. The Squirrels enjoyed entertaining our many visitors from other ECLC classes, Preschool and Coach Pekin. Good times were had. Read full article »

Angry Birds This morning some of the children were having a discussion about the video game 'Angry Birds'. I was pleasantly surprised to find that many of the Squirrels had played the game before. When I asked them if they would like to play the game in class I heard a loud cheer of joy. Then there was a disappointing sigh when Read full article »

Treasure Maps, Circus Preparation and Addition

PLAY This week the Squirrels have been deeply involved in making treasure maps and then going on their adventures to find wonderful treasures. The children are making treasure maps on the computer using the program KidPix. The maps started off as being simple lines on a piece of parchment. As you can see above, the maps have evolved into complicated pieces Read full article »

Elementary School Art Exhibit

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