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Squirrels Movie Part 2: Bedtime Story

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Movies by the Squirrels

We have been playing with the teacher's new app call 'Silent Film Director.' The students planned the 'stories', made the props and acted out their parts. They also helped choose the music and title cards.  Enjoy Read full article »

All About ‘Kindergarten’

Last week the Lion Preschool class wrote us a letter. They are beginning to wonder what life will be like for them next year when they go to Kindergarten (yes, ECLC will be called Kindergarten as of next year). They asked us a few questions in the letter and we also made a video, see above, that shows some things Read full article »

Family Stories

ECLC is collecting family stories (" I remember this time when I..."). First, the children receive a subject card, eg toe, bike, shadow. After receiving the subject card the children must search for a story with this subject by asking friends and family members. After their detective work is finished the children add their story to the above Voicethead...which is Read full article »

Assembly Last Friday we had the pleasure of hosting an ECLC assembly. Our hosting responsibilities included introducing performances by other classes and we also showed the other ECLC classes some of the yoga poses we have learned. Read full article »

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