Last week the Lion Preschool class wrote us a letter. They are beginning to wonder what life will be like for them next year when they go to Kindergarten (yes, ECLC will be called Kindergarten as of next year). They asked us a few questions in the letter and we also made a video, see above, that shows some things the Squirrels thought to be important about ‘Kindergarten’. The Squirrels brainstormed ideas for the video as a whole group, took the photographs and recorded the audio themselves in buddy pairs.

Questions from Preschool with our answers:

1. Do you have Zuzu pets in your classroom?
Some of the children bring ZuZu pets to school, but not everyday. We like to make a pretend ‘Pet Shop’ and we get to be the pets and the owners, that’s fun.

2. Do you go by yourselves to places?
Most of the time we go places with a teacher. We can go to the clinic and the CMC without a teacher, but we usually go with a friend.

3. I want to see you and your class.
Come and play with us anytime you like. We’ll show you around the classroom.