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This morning some of the children were having a discussion about the video game ‘Angry Birds’. I was pleasantly surprised to find that many of the Squirrels had played the game before. When I asked them if they would like to play the game in class I heard a loud cheer of joy. Then there was a disappointing sigh when we realized we didn’t have a class iPhone to use. So we did the next best thing…we made our own real life version of the game. We used a chair and elastic for the slingshot, with a little bit of brown paper to make the plastic chair look like it was wood.  The pigs were made using tennis balls, tape, markers and paper. For birds we used Owl and Baby Crow (both are finger puppets). The pigs’ house was made out of wooden blocks.

After the game was finished it was time to play. It took us quite a few turns before we could get Owl, who turned out to be much better at flying than Baby Crow, to fly through the air and break the pigs’ house. We were lucky to have a team of score keepers help use keep track of our points. We’ll be playing our version of Angry Birds over the next few days and we’ll see if we can make our slingshot a bit more accurate. If you would like a turn just let us know.